Healthcare professionals such as yourselves work long hours taking care of the people who need it most. So when it comes to your finances, why not let someone help you?

With the ever-changing state of the healthcare industry, it helps to have someone by your side to advise you on the best ways to manage your accounts and support you through your busy schedule.

That’s why the team at Sullivans offers its services to medical professionals, helping them take control of their finances and ensure they are tax-efficient.

Our wealth of knowledge allows us to fit our services to each individual, dependent on their accounting needs. Whether you’re a locum GP, run a care home or work as a private dentist, no task is too great or too small for us.

If you need help raising finance to expand your practice, we can advise on arranging investments or meeting lenders.

Also, we have a tax team who can review your NHS Superannuation annual pension contributions and growth, along with unused annual allowances from prior years, to consider and mitigate the pension charge if possible.


Other services include:


  • Pension review to identify if the NHS Pension scheme can reimburse the pension charge;
  • Care home rota review and resident costings;
  • Care home fee negotiation with social service commissioners;
  • Tax review to identify any unclaimed embedded capital allowances contained within the fabric of commercial properties;
  • Bookkeeping review and set-up of profit centres for individual key performance indicators;
  • Review of dentists units of dental activity (UDA) to calculate under/over performance;
  • Compliance review into the VAT arrangements of an optician to ensure compliance with mixed supplies of exempt services and taxable goods;   
  • Assist you and legal representatives with any partnership agreements.

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