Bookkeeping and accounting

Your books and accounts are the bedrock of your business. They should act as your one point of truth; an accurate record of your expenses and income.

Failing to keep your records up to date can lead to larger issues further down the line. You could find that you haven’t saved enough away to meet your tax obligations or pay any other invoices.

So, rather than getting caught out, let the team at Sullivans manage your books and your accounting tasks.

We’ll keep your records well-maintained and use them as the basis for organising and filing your tax returns. All of your invoices, receipts and bank balances will be reconciled, so you know exactly how much you have and what you need to pay.

And, rather than using antiquated bookkeeping systems, we use the latest cloud-based accounting software. Not only does this save time, but it means you can track your systems in real-time, providing a new level of transparency.

If you need us to speak to HMRC on your behalf, we will. We can also get in touch with Companies House, too, if you’ve decided to incorporate your business. This means we can help with the registration process and also prepare and file your statutory accounts.

We’re free when you are

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