Established for over 35 years our office is based in Pontypridd in South Wales. We serve clients across Cardiff, Newport and the surrounding areas, but also as far afield as Pembrokeshire and London. We’re a firm that believes in our work.

We believe that through hard graft, close working relationships, and a constant eye on the trends and world of business, anything is possible.

So, we ask you as our client: how big are your dreams? Accounting is more than just zeros and ones. It’s about going further together – a symbiotic relationship that leaves everyone feeling fulfilled.

Oh, paying the right amount of tax, of course.

Integrity & professionalism

We’re honest, and we’ve got strong moral and ethical principles. We’ll have your back from minute one, helping you look after your finances so you can move with the times to achieve and prosper. We endeavour to apply the highest professional standards in all we do. 


We’ll help you to pre-empt future problems or changes and identify opportunities. We’ll help you to solve issues before they become problems. Acting as a proactive accountant means applying our extensive experience, skills and knowledge base to help you prosper and continue your journey towards achieving your goals and aspirations. Alternatively, if necessary, we will also apply them to help turn things around for you and your business as soon as possible. 


Shaking hands at the end of the deal – is there a better feeling? But if you don’t sustain the relationship after that with trust, you’re back to square one. For us, trust is non-negotiable. You’ll always feel like you can speak to us openly about anything.


Business is boring if you don’t care about the people around you. We care about all of our clients, no matter what they do or who they are. To us, it’s about cultivating a community and reaping the rewards of a close working bond.

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We’re free when you are

We don’t run by the hour – let’s change the perception that everything has to be done by our time.