Personal tax planning

For a lot of us, looking after ourselves and our family means providing as high a standard of living as possible. We can do that by increasing our income, perhaps by upping our hours or taking on a side job. The other is saving money with smart personal tax planning. However, if you’re inexperienced with tax planning, you run the risk of biting into more time than is necessary. But with strong relationships and communication with us, the right resources and guidance can be applied to your affairs in order to optimise your tax savings.

At Sullivans, that’s our aim. All we need is an understanding of you and your goals. If you have a business, we’ll need to know the details of that too, as business and personal tax planning often intertwine. We will then review the tax system, research the parts HMRC hid under layers of jargon, and work up tax planning strategies that work for you.

A lot of personal tax planning is about sorting out what you’ll do when and this is where communication with us is key. If you tell us about something we can cater for it and plan ahead in good time. It is more difficult to deal with later and may result in more tax being paid than was absolutely necessary. This applies whether you are selling assets or if you’re thinking about your estate once you’re gone.

The possible situations are endless and that is why the first step is talking to us about your situation and goals. Get in touch with us today

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