Self assessment

If you run a business or you’re a high earner, it’s important to know how much tax you should pay and when. You don’t want to get into trouble with HMRC by paying too little too late – but paying too much can really put a strain on your finances. We can help you avoid any self-assessment-related headaches by putting you on the right track, and making you feel more in control of your tax bill.

The fiscal year ends on 5 April each year, with a deadline for filing your self-assessment return set for 31 January. Lots of people put this off until the last minute, resulting in mistakes they have to pay for later down the line. And if you miss the deadline altogether, you can risk incurring hefty fines or even getting prosecuted.

But with help from Sullivans, the system can work for you. There are plenty of tax relief options available, as well as different payment plans that allow you to defer payments or pay in instalments. Our professionals look at your unique circumstances and come up with a tax plan tailored to you. That way, you won’t end up paying more tax than you need to. We like to get a head start on your return, as well, so you won’t have to stress about missing any deadlines.

And when it comes to HMRC, we’ve got it covered. We can take care of any questions or queries that come your way – as well as answer yours. Keeping on top of all the numbers and deadlines by yourself can get overwhelming. But with your personal tax in safe hands, you can finally sit back and relax.

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