There are a number of options out there to help your company expand and develop, with mergers and acquisitions being two very viable options.

The process of mergers and acquisitions isn’t light work as you already know, but Sullivans has guided many companies through the process and can help you too.

Our team will help you strategically plan the tax and accounting implications of such transactions and hold your hand throughout the process.

We’re experienced in the due diligence process behind these transactions and will review them to see if your merger or acquisition is a viable option for you.

As acquisitions can prove rather costly, we’ll manage your finances and help identify revenue sources to give you the capital you need to close your deal. We can also advise you on any tax-efficient methods of merging with another company.

Developing your acquisition strategy will be a top priority, in this, we’ll explore share options, valuations and internal structures to assist with a smooth transition.

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