Human resources

Sullivans recognise that many UK Employers are struggling to keep pace with the growth in employment-related legislation. In order to differentiate ourselves we have now set-up an alliance with one of the market leaders in this industry to offer such valued services to our customers.

Employees are more aware of their new rights, while society is becoming increasingly litigious, encouraged by 'no win, no fee' legal support. Any Employee (past, present or prospective) can bring a claim against their Employer. And even if the Employer wins, it will cost ... and defending your position isn't cheap!

The statistics make grim reading. In 2007 there were more than 130,000(1)

Employment Tribunal applications - with the average cost per Employer, per dispute, estimated at £20,000!(1) What's more, specialist industry research indicates the cost of Employee absence alone is somewhere in the region of £650(1) per annum per Employee ... so you can see that for a firm with 30 Employees, absence costs alone could be an additional £20,000 per annum!

(1)Sources: ETS Annual Report and Accounts - 2007, CIPD Managing Conflict at Work Survey - 2007, CIPD Absence Management Survey - 2006

What does our alliance offer?

For a low fixed monthly cost, we offer the reassurance and technical competence of a leading legal and HR consulting practice, with all the professional back-up you might need.

Why are they relevant?... because you have access to qualified employment solicitors day and night.

You can be reassured too, that your team of Solicitors is independently regulated by The Law Society, so any conversation is private and confidential between you and them. You can call them every day as many times as you need.

They will provide practical advice on how to minimise employment problems and protect your interests at every step. And they use everyday business language - rather than confusing legal jargon.

"We have a personal team of advisors who get to know our business and our preferred method of operating. This makes a huge difference and is the main reason we selected this service over their competitors in the market."

Key on-line support

A click-and-go, self-service HR solution with a wealth of on-line resources to save you time and money. Simply login and access more than 250 legally-drafted and compliant templates (including up to date Contracts of Employment, Employee Handbooks and over 170 individual Policies and Procedures). These legal documents are simple to understand, easy to customise and updated daily... and all included within our standard service and fixed price.

Live HRDocs with Contracts Maker

A market leading on-line service that ensures your core HR documents are always totally compliant and right up to date. What's more, Contract Maker enables you to automatically create individually tailored Contracts of Employment for both your new and existing employees - all on-line and in real time!

A comprehensive litigation service

If the worst happens. Our on-line resources and telephone advice will prevent many cases from going any further. But if your case goes to Court or Tribunal, they'll stay at your side. An experienced Barrister or Solicitor will represent you and manage your defence, from start to finish.

Employment Legal Protection Insurance

And all this is backed by an Employment Legal Protection Insurance Policy that covers your legal costs incurred in the defence of your rights during disputes with your Employees; any awards made against you in an Employment Tribunal; or any out-of-Court payment that may be negotiated instead of the claim proceeding to Tribunal.

To find out how our alliance can help your organisation, please call us on 01443 400049. They offer a unique alternative to many legal firms and HR consultancies. Clients value their personal approach and the fact that they genuinely care about their issues. Try their services … and you'll see the difference!

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