About us

We are an established and leading firm of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors mainly serving Cardiff, Newport and the South Wales Valleys. We have a diverse client portfolio ranging from new start up’s to medium sized companies.

As expected we provide all the traditional compliance services of an accountancy practice but Sullivans has a commercial purpose of proactively pursuing the creation and maximisation of our clients’ wealth and enhancing their freedom from their business. We pride ourselves on creating and sustaining supportive relationships where objective and timely advice enables our clients to thrive and develop.

We are not your average accounting firm, far from it. We help our clients get ready for the future today.

We are members of the Peak Performance Accountants network which is a strategic alliance of ours which helps us to create a winning culture and provide innovative services to our clients that truely add value.

When you work with us to achieve your business' full potential, you're not just working with our firm, you're gaining access to a global knowledgebase and a wealth of consulting experience.

Just imagine working with an advisor who:

  • Does so much more than prepare your financial statements and do your taxes.
  • Can show you how to achieve performance excellence in your business with just one step at a time.
  • Has access to the most relevant and most valuable knowledge available to help you gain a sustainable competitive advantage at an affordable cost.
  • Actively helps you grow your business profits and perhaps most importantly, who understands what it's like for a small business owner in today's competitive environment, and has tools and processes that are created with your business in mind.

We ARE those advisors.

Combining our knowledge of your business, the personal relationship we share with our clients, and the consulting tools and support; we can help you achieve more with your business.

Contact us now to discuss how we can help you build a business that delivers on its promise.

My company has been associated with Sullivans Chartered Accountants since March 2003, and we haven’t looked back since.